ShiraSol – A Breakthrough Safe, Green, Versatile, Zero VOC Solvent to Replace Mineral Spirits and Other Slow Evaporating Solvents. | The Green Solvents Show #004

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ShiraSol replaces slow evaporating and toxic solvents like mineral spirits, white spirits, and paint thinners. It has better solvency and an evaporation rate similar to mineral spirits. ShiraSol may work as a primary or co-solvent in aliphatic, aromatic and ketone systems.

ShiraSol is not only useful for cleaning purposes but also for formulations of a wide variety s of paints, coatings, inks, sealers, personal care, and consumer products. It is widely used in industrial, commercial and residential cleaning and cleaning/degreasing products.

ShiraSol meets and exceeds current and proposed regulations. It may also help to lower the odor of materials in which it is a component. It is a zero VOC solvent that meets all occupational health and safety (OH&S) standards.

How ShiraSol came about

Dave begins this podcast by explaining how TBF developed ShiraSol after listening to formulators and regulators continually discuss the need for a VOC-compliant, slow evaporating solvent alternative to mineral spirits.

What is ShiraSol specifically?

ShiraSol replaces mineral spirits, paint thinners, aromatic 100, PCBTF and butyl acetate in most circumstances. It is considered as a zero VOC in US, Canada and Southern California (SCAQMD) and has been certified by SCAQMD as a Clean Air Solvent under Rule 102.

ShiraSol can be widely used in the formulation of paints, coatings, inks, adhesives, and various other products, as well as in aliphatic, aromatic and ketone solvent systems. Mineral spirits are typically applicable only in aliphatic systems. As a primary or co-solvent, ShiraSol effectively allows the formulator flexibility in determining the evaporation rate and/or solvency.

How did ShiraSol get its name?

TBF products are named in interesting ways. Traditionally all TBF product names have the suffix ‘Sol’ (for ‘solvent’). Whereas most TBF product names use a non-English word conveying some aspect of sustainability, ShiraSol is an exception. It was named in recognition of Dr. Shira Bogner who was instrumental in developing the product.

What makes ShiraSol such an important breakthrough in green solvents?

Unlike other substitutes, ShiraSol is a true solvent. While some substitutes replace mineral spirits, they are primarily used for cleaning and not applicable in formulation. ShiraSol can be used both as a primary solvent in formulations and as a cleaner in a variety of different systems. ShiraSol is a zero VOC solvent and is less toxic to the environment and workers.

Why does ShiraSol work so well in so many different applications?

ShiraSol is a replacement for mineral spirits that exceeds the original mineral spirits specifications. It may work as a primary or co-solvent in ketone, aliphatic and aromatic solvent systems. It is designed to replace high VOC solvents like, mineral spirits, aromatic 100 or 150 and Butyl Acetate. It can be used in a wide variety of paints, coatings, inks, personal care, shoe polish, tire dressings or car care products.

ShiraSol allows formulators to control the evaporation rate unlike solvents currently available on the market. It has better solvency (54.5 Kb value) than mineral spirits (29-36 Kb value), making it more efficient in various applications for dissolution.

How does ShiraSol work in different type of formulations?

ShiraSol works in aromatic, ketone and aliphatic solvent systems used in commercial or residential type coatings, aerosols or consumer products. It can work as primary or co-solvent for aromatic or industrial type coatings such as alkyd, acrylic, phenolic, epoxy and urethane systems.

For thermoplastic acrylics applications, ShiraSol can be used with ZemaSol and/or KradaSol™ as co-solvent or primary solvent. It also controls the evaporation rate for these types of products. It may be used in inks, clear sealers and adhesives. With alkyds, it may be used as a primary or co-solvent to replace Aromatic 100 or 150 and butyl acetate.

ShiraSol is a very flexible product. It may be used in conjunction with TBF solvents such as ZemaSol™, EkaSol™, KradaSol and BerdeSol™ or traditional organic solvents like xylene, toluene, and MEK. It reduces the VOC content of the end product and reduces worker exposure to harmful solvents. ShiraSol meets the regulatory requirements of the EPA, state regulators, and SCAQMD (Los Angeles).

Can ShiraSol be used in cleaning applications?

ShiraSol is safer and works as well or better than slow evaporating solvents in a variety of applications. It can be used in cleaning tools, concrete form release, as well as its applications in paint gun or line cleaning and removing tar, asphalt, paint scuff and bug residue from vehicles. Interestingly, it can also be used in cleaning shoes.

During the podcast, Dave also describes the success story of ShiraSol:

  • Efficient formulations of architectural coatings or consumer/aerosol products.
  • It has a much lower Maximum Incremental Reactivity (MIR), which means it is not as reactive in the atmosphere to form smog.
  • It lowers the odor of the end product.
  • Applicable to cleaning applications- automobiles; paint guns or lines; general purpose cleaning; cleaning of varnish type coatings; gym floors; furniture; pigmented coatings, and inks in pens and markers.

More on Solvents

If you are interested in how TBF is creating slow evaporating, zero VOC, safe, widely applicable ShiraSol as an alternative solvent, then invest 20 minutes and listen to Dave Pasin in this insightful podcast. Then give us your feedback.

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