ShiraSol – A Breakthrough Safe, Green, Versatile, Zero VOC Solvent to Replace Mineral Spirits and Other Slow Evaporating Solvents. | The Green Solvents Show #004

ShiraSol replaces slow evaporating and toxic solvents like mineral spirits, white spirits, and paint thinners. It has better solvency and an evaporation rate similar to mineral spirits. ShiraSol may work as a primary or co-solvent in aliphatic, aromatic and ketone systems.

TBF Environmental Introduces VOC-compliant alternative to Mineral Spirits

VANCOUVER, BC (November 18, 2015) – TBF Environmental Technology Inc., a world leader in the development of environmentally-friendly industrial solvents, will be making three industry-changing product announcements in the coming months. These products each have the potential to make a significant impact on the solvents industry, and the environment as a whole....